The Daughter

of Fire Saga


book i, daughter of fire, won the 2019 fiction awards on wattpad for best paranormal story

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Paranormal Fantasy.

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The state of New York, 2019.

Savannah Ivy Green believes herself to be a fairly ordinary teenager from a small town where all rebellion broods in the neighbouring city and keeping secrets isn't easy. Little oddities like wilting flowers and being unfeeling to the weather have been occurring, but her mother assures her to write it off as a passing mystery. But on her eighteenth birthday, being apprehensive and cautious, a stranger drifts into her path.

With no warning, Savannah is killed in a car accident. And once again, the watcher in the shadows is there.

Little does she know, he is about to help her to embark on a journey through the afterlife unlike anything she could have ever imagined —one that will provide answers to all of her questions...especially the ones regarding her father.

Upon quickly breaking the rules of her new job as a Grim Reaper, Savannah learns that she must face something far worse than a petty punishment —the fact that she should not exist. And the god who seeks to uphold that notion will go to the furthest lengths to ensure her demise. Savannah must rally as many Reapers and allies as she can find, before the Olympians tear Manhattan apart. A battle rages inevitably, and a sacrifice sets off a devastating chain reaction, which leaves some Reapers questioning their beliefs. Stretched too thin to notice, Savannah is told that she faces another choice: true death, or divine immortal life.

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