a court of

dreams trilogy

song of mist and storm 

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book 2

Stain of ice and blood

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Science Fiction and Dark Fantasy.

Age range




Premise : from book i

Post apocalyptic London, the 56th century.

Ever since the integration of creatures of magic from the Beta Plane to the Gamma Plane ( Earth's reality ) years ago, humanity has been on edge. Though the transition was seamless and resources were in abundance, the humans grew the burning need to claim the entire Plane for their own. The consequent war left mass destruction in its wake.

As a fortunate survivor, a mediator creature of magic named Purple is left to fend for themself in the ashy aftermath and provide solace to others through dreams as a humanoid dreamcatcher —though stock is thinning due to a flare in magic which robbed humans of the ability to dream. However, thanks to a teenage girl who is nothing but trouble, Purple discovers their own remedy to the dilemma: magic. Even though Dreamcatchers are not made for such a thing.

To make matters even more complicated, a Wytch named Kynes attaches herself to Purple for reasons dismissed as plain desire. Despite the Dreamcatcher's efforts, the Wytch keeps appearing and scheming —until she entangles herself in a human stranger's affairs and a dangerous venture into the Unnamed Planes; the Beyond where monsters prowl and death is a sweet mercy.

And amidst exploring their newfound power, that desperate human stranger comes to Purple and upends every belief which they once held...about life, death, Fate and love.