The Key
harvester series

There's a dagger in your back

The stand-alone first book

Coming November 2022

also to be available in hardcover and ebook

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Dark Fantasy and Mystery.

Age range




Premise : from book i

An alternate and parallel universe, present day Earth, the Madir Dynasty ( fifth governor of the city of Idun ).

Magic and its creatures have existed alongside imannity ( Seelie given name for the human race ) since the dawn of time. Through war and evolution, they have learned to co-exist. Until now.


Contracted assassin and iman ( Seelie given name for human ) Lorrin Raffe ( rah-feh ) has had enough of answering to the Ivory Blade —she craves her own empire and throne over all of the underground rings. To prove her break away from her as good as dead Drakon boss, she steals the coveted prize of the heirless Jon De Polis' life. In doing so, she sets into motion a chain of events which will have the city reeling.

Rye, an Elf scholar from the Academy, tells of a prophecy tying her to the ever impatient Unseelie King and his desire to take back the land of his forefathers against the old agreement —the entire city and ocean front. Lorrin must weed out traitors and spies amidst her new ranks, all while establishing herself in higher society. It would not be so difficult if a stubborn iman Guard of Madir, Zemir Kal, wasn't on her trail for De Polis' murder. Zemir is almost everything that Lorrin isn't: she's cold, reserved, and a devout follower of the fayth. But the two share a darkness; a danger, that neither can resist in the other.

More dangerous still, are Lorrin's developing feelings for the officer laced into her physical attraction. Zemir is hesitant to have something lasting —and before long, the assassin finds herself having to choose between her crown and her heart.

But the Unseelie King poses a threat to any chance of either as he summons the newest underworld seek out Lorrin's heart as well. Though not in any way of affection. And he will stop at nothing to crush it.

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