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open novella contest 2020 winner and editor's pick

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"WOAH JUST WOAH!! This book was SO GOOD!! It feels like a crime that it ended to quickly- right from the start I was hooked on the characters and the plot. So much happened in such a little novella!! The perfect mix of Aztec mythology, wlw romance, comedy and mystery this book is truly one of a kind. I loved the writing style and definitely forgot I was reading for awhile! 

If you’re a Rick Riordan fan like myself and are always looking for a Mythology read with a diverse set of characters and a plot that’ll have you on the edge of your seat this novella is for you!!"

–– Lorelai K, Goodreads

"From the get go, I was excited to dive in and start reading. From the mystery aspects, to the lgbtq+ representation within the novel, and so on, this book was right up my alley and it most certainly did not disappoint. I read this in one sitting and thoroughly enjoyed every second. It’s a fast paced, edge of your seat read that had me gasping at certain parts.

I especially loved the additional chapters at the end. From start to finish, this story was incredible. I’ll definitely be diving into more of the author’s work."

–– Riven, Goodreads


Ear to the Serpent


Mystery/Thriller Urban Fantasy.

Age range




Premise :

North America, modern day.

Maya García is a liberal arts graduate who occasionally helps the Mexican Society of Archaeology because of her born occult ability to sense things buried underground. She has always experienced visions in addition, and on her latest assignment in Mexico, these visions begin to flare. A jade snake which had only been appearing within her dreams is suddenly visible when she is awake, and it seems to be the trigger.

Also on the assignment are flirtatious friend Valdez Lors and foreign colleague Dr Lorenne Dench. Lorenne takes an immediate liking to Maya ––she has been wanting to meet her and witness her ability in real life for a while. Maya finds herself overwhelmed by Lorenne’s eagerness, and tries to grapple with the realisation that she is quite attracted to her. While the women are out for drinks, Maya slips into another vision and meets an Aztec god ––the god of the Underworld. He warns of someone waiting for her, before the vision dissipates without elaboration. Lorenne is shaken, but listens to Maya’s explanation.

She begins to keep her distance as the excavation gets underway, but after another vision where she almost drowns beneath the sea, Maya starts to fear for her life. On the site, the tension between the two women is still high. This is abruptly interrupted by a sighting of the jade snake again ––and Maya, Lorenne and Valdez are swallowed up by the ground. They quickly learn that it is not a vision, and discover an unusual stone room with a fountain in the middle. Here they meet another god ––the god of mischief.

And the god vows that history will repeat itself until he finally gets Maya to choose him.


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